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Release - Russian Peasant • Jazz CD

Russian Peasant


Russian Peasant

Russian Peasant is a collection of jazz compositions by composer Roberta Feigenbaum, rendered by jazz artist Alan Pasqua in a "solo piano" style of jazz-classical fusion. Russian Peasant, released in 1999 by Feigenbaum, was co-produced by Feigenbaum and Pasqua. Pasqua's affinity for the material is palpable, each of the compositions recorded by Pasqua on first takes.

As an album, Russian Peasant bears the markings of quality and distinction as evidenced by the participation of jazz luminaries and outstanding talent throughout: the late jazz photographer William Claxton photographed Pasqua for the album; the late New Mexico music photographer David Alfaya photographed Feigenbaum for the album; the late jazz critic and journalist David Prince wrote the album's liner notes; and studio legend Gavin Lurssen mastered the CD. Adding to the CDs distinctive attributes are album cover graphic design by Willy Magee and professional editorial by Heidi Utz.

Feigenbaum is currently working on a new release due in late 2014, in addition to theater projects.

Russ P cover

Alan Pasqua | Solo Piano | Jazz

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